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@Seattle's Famous Pike Place Market

African Inspired Flavors
from Ethiopian Chef
Meeraf Mamo

Crispy sambusas, Ethiopian spiced lentils, and African Cloud pudding are just a few of the fresh foods made by Chef Meeraf daily and served at Lands of Origin. You can also find Meeraf's cuisine at most of Seattle's popular farmers markets year round at Genni's Ethiopian.



Spices, Teas & Sauces Imported From Africa

Lands of Origin is also home to an eclectic collection of flavorful food products sourced directly from the continent of Africa such as teas, hot sauces, spice rubs, jams as well as Meeraf's very on Ethiopian simmer sauce.

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Ethiopian Cooking
Box Set

by Lands of Origin

Are you a home cook who appreciates global cuisine? 

This gorgeous set is an Ethiopian cooking class all in one box.

It comes with a detailed collection of the most popular

Ethiopian recipes, all of the necessary spices,

as well as a beautifully hand carved mamaseya.

A perfect gift for international food fans of all ages.

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"I believe that given the opportunity most people would love to taste the world"

Meeraf Mamo

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